Rainbow Stone Bracelets

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Rainbow Stone Bracelets

Genuine Basaltic Lava Beads can absorb your favorite essential oils allowing you to safely enjoy their aromatherapeutic properties all day long.

Remember ROY G. BIV back in elementary school?  That name is used a mnemonic device to remember the colors of the rainbow in order.  Now you can wear all the colors of the spectrum on your wrist!Highly fashionable while being functional, beads make a statement in modern day fashion and are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Change up your beads as you change your style and mood.

Each bracelet comes with a essential oil blending recipe book with bead care instructions. Maximize the potential of your aromatherapy lava beads by adding various essential oil blends!

Made with extra strong elastic, this bracelet, approximately 19 cm (7.5 inches) in circumference is expandable to about 8.5 inches. 

With every order you receive a FREE bead cleaning/polishing cloth and FREE handmade drawstring storage pouch.  2 to 3 strands of bracelets and 1 to 2 strands of necklaces can fit in each.  We will send enough to make sure you have storage room for your entire order.



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