Metal and Stone Bead Bracelet with Owl Charm

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Metal and Stone Bead Bracelet with Owl Charm

Quiet observation is the way of the Owl.  It's wisdom is born of its clear vision and silent contemplation.  The owl is able to interpret with precision.  Seeing impeccably no matter what the conditions, be it day or night, the owl is able to understand clearly and act wisely. 

Made with extra strong elastic, this bracelet, approximately 18.5 cm (7.25 inches) in circumference is expandable to about 8 inches. 

With every order you receive a FREE bead cleaning/polishing cloth and FREE handmade drawstring storage pouch.  2 to 3 strands of bracelets and 1 to 2 strands of necklaces can fit in each.  We will send enough to make sure you have storage room for your entire order.

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