Lion Charm Beaded Bracelets

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Lion Charm Beaded Bracelets

Classic Black with the King of the Jungle... (hit me up on Instagram @kingofdjungle ;) 8mm beads with silver plated accents.

The lion is generally associated with a representation of personal strength. If the lion appears powerful to you, this might be interpreted as a positive representation of your self-confidence or personal power. As such, lions point to qualities of strength, courage, assertiveness.

Made with extra strong elastic, this bracelet, approximately 19 cm (7.5 inches) in circumference is expandable to about 8.5 inches. or approximately 23 cm (9 inches) expandable to about 10 inches.

With every order you receive a FREE bead cleaning/polishing cloth and FREE handmade drawstring storage pouch.  2 to 3 strands of bracelets and 1 to 2 strands of necklaces can fit in each.  We will send enough to make sure you have storage room for your entire order.

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