Caring for Your Beads




Kilem Kollectibles beaded jewelry is handcrafted from semi-precious stones, polished woods, resins, Basaltic lava, amber and high quality glass materials. Each piece is a one of a kind creation and is painstakingly engineered to be fastidious, fashionable, and functional.

To keep your beads looking their best, we recommend the following:

• We suggest that you remove beads prior to swimming, showering and bedtime. (Our jewelry can withstand normal wear during these times, but you have a higher chance of snagging them on something unknowingly and snapping the elastic)

• Use the included cleaning cloth to polish shiny beads and ornaments every couple of weeks. Lava beads won’t shine, but using the cloth to clean in between beads will help remove dust and debris, keeping your beads fresh (both figuratively and literally!)

• When not wearing your beads, store them in the accompanying storage pouch.

• Be sure not to get oils on the elastic thread of your beads. It will cause the elastic to warp.

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